Additional Information

In this section you can find out more about the joy of soapstone radiant heat, the clever move away from fossil fuels to firewood, the workings and site preparation of a soapstone stove and building regulations concerning chimneys,
flues and stoves.

Radiant Heat

Long wave radiant heat produced by a stone mass stove feels like sitting on a rock in the evening warmed by sunrays during the day.

Heat Accumulation Explained

Discover why circulating hot gasses through a mass stove is so efficient and effective in producing long lasting heat.

Stove Planning

In planning for a stone stove one has to consider position, base, chimney and combustion air flow.


Firewood sourcing, firewood production and storing are equally important to think of in advance as the planning of your stove to ensure maximum heat output of this carbon neutral fuel.

Approved Safety Documents J & B

Think ahead, be safe and within legal limits in planning your stove, chimney and combustion air flow.