Stove Planning

Stove planning for a soapstone stove is an exciting part in anticipation of a home and heart warming experience.

Stove planning for your wood burning soapstone stove is the first step in looking forward to happy warm cosy days and nights. The stove position, base, chimney and combustion air intake are the important factors to be taken into account.

We can build your fireplace on a foundation and to a chimney provided by your local builder, we can or will advice you in this matter. We can travel to your site, home or office by request to discuss the project in Counties Cork and Kerry, or via e-mail or phone for projects further away. We will charge you an hourly fee for consultation, drawings and travel time.


Since these units weigh from one to many tons, they will require a reinforced footing and foundation.

Chimney or flue:

Building a chimney or flue that is entirely outside the house will seriously degrade the draft unless very well insulated. Condensation and heat loss will occur. Preferably locate the chimney inside the house and ending high up the roof pitch with a Swedish top to prevent rain from entering.
A chimney needs to be swept at least once a year.

Central location:

Since radiant heat is produced in long waves and travels out from the surfaces of the stone, the fireplace should be ideally centrally located for optimum performance.

Have a seat:

The warm fireplace is a tactile delight. So plan in some benches, whether build into the unit or of some other material next to it.


Your fireplace needs to maintain clearances on the sides and the back to combustible materials, including walls. These clearances can be reduced by building walls out of non combustible materials or by placing radiant heat reflectors. Your fireplace needs a non combustible hearth (tile floor), that extends at least 18 inches in front of the firebox door.

Combustion air intake:

A firebox full of wood requires a room full of air to burn. Remember to ensure the air supply to the fireplace is adequate. In modern low energy homes you may consider to connect a direct air supply under or right in front of the fireplace.

Wood storage:

While not essential, it is also a good idea to build in some wood storage that is integrated into or near the hearth area.

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