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  1. I bought my “Torus Blue” Stove at the end of Autumn and have enjoyed my first winter with it in my house. It has been my only source of heating in all that time. So 8 month down the line I can safely say that I am very pleased with my purchase. It sits in the middle of of my open plan kitchen/diner and radiates out to the rest of the house. Recently, after I had stopped needing it I noticed that a small crack had appeared in the metal work. I called Alfred and he immediately ordered a new part. As soon as it arrived we organised a day and he came around and replaced it for me. Good go again.

    It puts out a decent amount of heat and I’m amazed at how little ash is left behind [which I then use in the garden]. It has worked out to be very economical for me and I have quickly become shrewd about buying dried wood and lying it away for the winter after next. Funny enough the one thing that impresses people most is that I can keep a mug of tea warm on it for ages.

  2. An Altech Eclips Depot was recently fitted in my home and I am absolutely delighted with it. The stove is a real feature in the room and is greatly admired by everyone who comes to the house. The all-round heat that it generates feels very different to that of other more conventional wood-burning stoves. It’s very straight forward to light and clean out and once lit heats up very quicly. And to top it all, I’m using about one-third of the wood I was using with the previous device which definitely provides me with more heat! I cannot speak highly enough of this wonderful stove

  3. We got our Ecosy in 2015. It’s placed in a big room with high ceiling where we don’t get any sunshine. Soapstone radiates a very comfortable heat. It is a different way of heating which takes a while to master. Best results with well seasoned wood. Nice looking stove with large window. Thanks Alfred and Emma for your service.

  4. I purchased two Mondex heaters for my kitchen as it is a large open space and requires a lot of heating even with underfloor heating. I am very happy with the Mondex heaters and so many people have commented on how lovely they look! They produce a beautiful heat very quickly and hold the heat for quite some time after been switched off due to the natural stone. I wish I had them all over my house and if I was building a new house I would certainly look into using only Mondex heaters due to their beauty and convenience and superior heat over regular radiators.

  5. I have my Eclips 4 years now and I love it. Everybody admires its good looks and the heat it generates but are amazed when I tell them how economical it is on timber. I am moving house in the near future but you can be sure my Eclips is coming with me ! I would definitely recommend this stove to anyone who has an available firewood source.

  6. It is now more than 6 months since my Ecosy was installed and I have been using it on a very frequent basis, every day now that autumn has set in. I am thrilled with it, and still learning how to get the best out of it. The most surprising aspect of the fire is the type of heat generated. It is a very gentle even heat and I feel ‘cosy’ warm without being too hot. It is brilliant! When Alfred was explaining to me the ‘radiant’ heat that is emitted from the stove I didn’t fully understand what a difference this would make to the warmth generated. I do now. I am using kiln dried ash timber although have tried kiln dried birch. I wouldn’t use birch again as it burns far too quickly and does not generate the same heat levels for an equivalent volume of ash.

    Everyone who has seen the stove has been truly impressed with it although I’m not sure many would replace their existing arrangements, but who knows and I’ve told them where you are.

    Thank you once again for all the help and advice given to me, it certainly helped with the decision to purchase my beautiful stove.

  7. I love my Altech Vision Gourmet Stove. It’s really easy to light and throws out a lovely radiant heat for hours. When people visit our house they always comment on the lovely warmth in our home which comes from the Altech Stove and they are surprised how little wood we burn compared to their traditional stoves. In the winter I often use the oven for cooking meat which works really well and during a power cut I even baked a chocolate cake in it! The stove is really easy to keep clean and as it’s wood burning the ashes can even go in the compost bin. I would highly recommend an Altech Stove to anyone that is considering a stove for their home as they are really efficient and economical to run and they look great too. Thank you Alfred and Emma for providing us with such a high quality stove and great customer service.

  8. In Oct.08 we bought our first stove the ‘Gourmet Eclips ‘for our kitchen, a room that we spend a lot of time in. We had moved into our house the year before and had spent a lot of money buying oil, by buying the stove we were hoping to both cut our oil bill and heat our home more efficiently, we did both of these things plus we were able to cook in the oven and the stove looks good too, it is made of dark blue soapstone.

    We have cooked roast chicken, stews bread puddings all sorts of casseroles and roasts, we are still experimenting with the oven and feel very virtuous when we can switch off the electricity and let the stove take over. It is also very nice to be able to watch the flames of the fire. We were so pleased with the stove that we ordered a 2nd one for the sitting room ,this time we ordered the ‘Vision’ because it has a larger heat capacity. The room is warm quickly and retains the heat for many hours. Only a small amount of dry wood is necessary just an armfull of small sticks will last for the evening.

  9. It is now sometime since you so very kindly gave me advice and help with deciding what sort of stove would be the best thing for me. I wanted to thank you for this – also for the great work in installing the Altech Eclips stove in the rather difficult fireplace. It has certainly been a boon over the last winter and your after sales service has been much appreciated. I would have no hesitation in showing interested potential customers your handy work and recommending your services.

  10. Can you love a stove? I think I do..

    I love finding good firewood, splitting it up , stacking and storing it. Even putting the date by it, to know how old the stack is. Smelling and appreciating drying timber.
    Then, when I got to light my stove , I am grateful, to have good firewood ready to burn, to give out good heat and also to cook / bake with.
    When Alfred and Emma built my stove, nearly 7 years ago. I still remember the patience, care and attention to detail they showed. As if they were building something, that would last , an investment in the future.
    And so when I burn good, dry firewood and see the Tulikivi throw out a lovely flame to enjoy I know its doing so very efficiently, warming up the stove, holding the heat till the next day and keeping my house comfortably.
    During the two cold winters, the Tulikivi was amazing. I burned more firewood than usual, but I was snug in my house.
    It has taken me a year or two to get used to the stove, to realise the importance of good dry firewood. Splitting firewood small when I buy it, to help it dry better, but also to burn fiercer , and release more heat.
    It would be easier just to flick a switch and burn it, but I don’t think I would fall for an oil burning stove.

  11. We chose an Altech Eclips soapstone stove because it has been tried and tested over hundreds of years and yet competes favourably with modern technology.
    It was not easy trying to select a heating system for our new house. The most common advice was to go for oil and radiators and then have a stove with a back-boiler. But we were building a well insulated timberframe house and this seemed like overkill. What to do? Our research into the concept of soapstone stones made them sound very attractive, but would they work in Ireland? We visited The Stokehole Stone Stoves to get a chance to touch, see and, more importantly, feel the heat. We made up our minds within 5 minutes. It is a lifestyle thing. If your priority is having a cosy, warm place with the fire at the centre of your home – then go for it. We have not put any radiators into our house (though we do have the pipes ready just in case). Our house is about 225m2, and we hope, with a couple of back-up heaters we will not need to get an oil tank. It is too soon for us to say as we plan for our first winter here, but we are hopeful. It is also a great relief to us that there is no pump/electric needed to make it work so, if there is a power-cut we still have heat.