Discover how our products can provide the heating that your home deserves.

We have a wide range of products that provide warmth in every type of home, from Tulikivi woodburning storage heaters to Altech heat accummulating soapstone stoves, and many more.


Tulikivi fireplaces, stoves and bake ovens are top of the range radiant woodburning storage heaters. Just burning logs, wood briquettes or wood pellets for two to four hours can give you enough stored heat to warm your home for up to 36 hours.


Altech soapstone stoves are skillfully made small woodburning heat accumulating stoves in a cast iron frame.

Electric Radiant Soapstone Heating

In the section you will find stoves and radiators that heat your room at the flick of a switch.

Cook on Wood

Are professional high quality pizza and bread ovens for private and commercial use.