Boiler Stove Altech Eclips Aqua

Boiler Stove Eclips Aqua

Water heating Eclips Aqua Plus, heat wherever you want it. The Aqua boiler model of the Eclips series can be connected to your central or underfloor heating system or to the domestic water tank. This system can distribute the heat of the stove throughout your house. The unique heat exchanger at the top of the stove ensures an efficient 89% high heat output and a clean wood combustion process. You have a choice of sending most of the heat to your water heating system or to your living room if more warmth is needed there. The boiler can provide heat for approximately 4 to 5 radiators.

Technical data:

Fuel: Dry Wood
Heating capacity: +/- 80-180 m3
Useful capacity: 3 – 11 kW
Water heating capacity: 1 – 6 kW
Connection to chimney: At the top
Pipe diameter: 150 mm
Height connection: 111 cm
Weight: 275 Kg  Stove height: 111 cm  Width: 62 cm   Depth: 51 cm

Altech Eclipse Aqua Plus

This 89% efficient, heat exchanger top boiler stove is installed as a working model in our showroom!

The Eclipse Aqua Plus is a stove with an integrated top heat exchanger and booster boiler (most domestic boiler stoves have the boiler wrapped around the fire box, cooling down the fire, resulting in an incomplete and dirty combustion soothing up the boiler and flue).

The clean efficient combustion principle is the same as for all other Altech soapstone stoves . This stove has also been built using the one lever bi-metal controlled automatic air intake system and clean window technology for optimum combustion under all circumstances. The great mass of soapstone gives an even heat output for about 10 hours after the fire has gone out. This stove is relatively easy to connect to the existing (or new) heating system and works much like an additional boiler. Your central heating boiler can remain in place and still meet the domestic hot water demand or heating the house during holidays. When purchasing a new oil or gas boiler, you can suffice with a lower capacity and money can be saved. By placing the stove in the living room, this area will be directly heated by radiant heat while the other rooms are simultaneously heated by the central or underfloor heating system. The total heat capacity for the Eclips Aqua Plus is 11 kW of which 1 to 5.5 kW watersided to the benefit of the heating system.

A brief explanation of the 89% efficient Eclipse Aqua in conjunction with the central heating system.Just after lighting the Eclips Aqua the initial heat is used to heat the flue/chimney system in order to get the updraft going. At reaching 43 degree C the pump is activated to transfer the hot water to the heating system. When temperature falls below 37 degree C the pump shuts off untill 43 degree has been reached again. When after a while enough heat has been sent to the central heating the stove can be tuned down to burn at lower output or the heat can be utilized to heat the room or visa versa. The heater is adjustable between 3.5 and 11 kW. For a rapid heat output to the living room a bypass valve can be set. This valve allows you to transfer up to 80% of the heat produced directly to the living room, the other 20% will still be delivered to the water. In a small to average home the total capacity of the Eclips Aqua is sufficient to heat the whole house (up to 4 to 5 radiators this of course depending on insulation). If in some cases the heat output of the stove is not adequate or if there is a quicker heating of the property required, the oil or gas fired boiler can be used to top up the heat. The two units are allowed to burn simultaneously. The system can also be used to link in to a solar thermal, geothermal or biomass boiler system in conjunction with a buffer/storage tank.

Safety devices:

The ALTECH Eclipse Aqua has 3 safety devices. These safety devices will only operate when the system over-heats. Over-heating can only occur during prolonged or over firing of the stove when:– Connected to insufficient load, i.e. closed off or not enough radiators.– At pump failure-At reaching a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius, the alarm buzzer and a red light on the controls comes on. If dispite this no further steps are taken and the water temperature still increases above 90 degrees a directly connected mechanical water cooling loop system is activated resulting in cooling down the heat exchanger. Once the water in the heat exchanger has cooled down to 85 degrees, the cooling loop safety valve automatically closes again.This mechanical system works even during a power cut when no circulation of water takes place. In the exception of this security system failing while temperatures are still rising then at a pressure of 3 bar, an additional pressure safety valve will open to prevent the risk of explosion.