Electric Stone Radiators

Ecostone Electric Soapstone Radiators

Electric stone radiators made by Energiek are solid soapstone storage heaters. The radiators are available in 2 types the Ecostone and Radiastone. Heated soapstone walls are also an option.


Ecostone stone radiators are made of heavy soapstone modules. These stone radiators produce longlasting radiant heat.

The weight of these models varies from 70 kg up to almost 500 kg and need a solid floor. Models up to 2250 W can just be plugged-in, The higher output models have to be wired into the electric circuit. The Ecostone heater preferably operates from an intelligent clock thermostat*.

* At an additional cost.

When your home is connected to day/night metering tariff , the Ecostone would store the heat even more efficient then a regular night storage heater.

The Ecostone electric radiators are a modular system 30 cm in height and in lengths of 50 ,60 ,100 or 120 cm, respectively 625 W, 750 W, 1250 W and 1500 W.
Depending on your individual need and chosen model , 1 , 2 or 3 modules in height are available. The actual heater core is a thin ceramic steel heating element working at temperatures of max. 2000 C taking up most of the soapstone slabs surface area. The integrated thermosensor limits the surface temperature to 82o C.

The Ecostone modular system is flexible in design.

  • Corner models
  • Four-sided models ( around pillars )
  • Low linked models
  • High stacked models
  • Double sided models

Prices start at 1,437 Euro ( 625 W ).


Radiastone radiant panels are ready made plug-in light weight heaters. Fast acting heaters ,
particulary well suited for bathrooms (available with towel rail). Apart from the standard model
( Classic, Straight and Double faced ), They can also be custom made to suit your requirements.

Temperature adjustment: For optimal user comfort the Radiastone should be operated by a thermostat.

The following options are possible:

  • The Radiastone connected to a seperate wall mounted (clock) thermostat to be provided by the customer.
  • The Radiastone installed with an integrated electronic thermostat* ( no clock, only available up to 2000 Watts ).
  • The Radiastone installed with a remote controlled wireless thermostat*.

* At an additional cost.