Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Woodfired pizza ovens

“There is no need to explain how food tastes from a cook on wood oven , because really there is nothing to explain . It is the same experience as with the heat of a kachelofen ( masonry heater). You have to live it and feel it and in this case taste it and the experience will speak for itself…”
-Guenther Eberl, Cook in Gasthaus Schwan

Whether in the restaurant, at home in your own kitchen or in the garden.
COW pizza ovens stand for authentic experience in cooking on wood.
Frying, baking, cooking or simply enjoy the atmosphere of the open fire.

  • 5 different sizes
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Optimum even heat distribution for the baking process
  • Can be finished to bespoke exterior design
  • Easy, dry cast component construction

Cook on wood represents a particular design of wood oven, where quality cast components perform to an optimum internal oven environment. This material withstands very high temperatures and stores the heat evenly and efficiently throughout the whole oven space. The geometry of the oven contributes to the optimum heat distribution and is excellently suited for baking bread and pizza. The ovens are for indoor and outdoor use and are available in five different sizes . The tray height (opening of the baking area) is between 90 and 110cm and can be adapted to individual requirements.
The size, weight and position of the cook on wood oven must be taken into account when to determinate the capacity needed.

  • Due to the high quality insulating pre-cast components. This type of pizza oven is ready for baking after a small start up fire to preheat and after which a small fire can be maintained for prolonged cooking.
  • Dishes cooked in this type of wood oven convince you with an authentic taste. Traditional roasts stay juicy and have a delicious crust.


Model 0, for private use

  • ca. 4-6 kg firewood per firing
  • ca. 8 kg bread
  • ca. 3 pizzas (diameter 33cm)
  • Length                         106 cm
  • Width                             70 cm
  • Height                            37 cm
  • Inside oven size        50.4 dm²
  • Weight                        280  kg

Model 1

  • ca. 4-6 kg firewood
  • ca. 13 kg bread
  • ca. 3 pizzas (diameter 33cm)
  • Diameter inside oven      90 cm
  • Diameter outside oven 102 cm
  • Oven inside area           63.2 dm²
  • Oven mouth width       12.1 dm²
  • Weight                            362   kg

Model 2

  • ca. 6-8 kg firewood
  • ca. 16 kg bread
  • ca. 3-4 pizzas (diameter 33cm)
  • Diameter inside oven     102 cm
  • Diameter outside oven  115 cm
  • Oven inside area             80.1dm²
  • Oven mouth width         12.1 dm²
  • Weight                              433  kg

Model 3

  • ca. 8-10 kg firewood
  • ca. 20 kg bread
  • ca. 4-5 pizzas (diameter 33cm)
  • Diameter inside oven      115 cm
  • Diameter outside oven   128 cm
  • Oven inside area             98.7 dm²
  • Oven mouth width          12.1 dm²
  • Weight                               509 kg

Model 4

  • ca. 10-12 kg firewood
  • ca. 25 kg bread
  • ca. 5-6 pizzas (diameter 33cm)
  • Diameter inside oven      128 cm
  • Diameter outside oven   140 cm
  • Oven inside area           118.8 dm²
  • Oven mouth width          12.1 dm²
  • Weight                                591 kg