Eclips Range

The ECLIPS alltech stove range is built following the counterflow / downdraft principle, known from Finovens. This means that the flue gases are guided through the stove in a 2 metre long channel, during which they transfer their heat to the soapstone. The Eclips models can be extended with a wood storage compartment and also have the option of a bakeoven. Technical specification Eclips model, connection height and weight differ between various models of the Eclips range. Fuel: Wood Heating capacity: 40 – 150 m3 Useful capacity: 4 – 9 kW Connection to chimney: At the back or on top Pipe diameter: 150 mm Height connection: 63 – 127 cm Weight: 200 – 345 Kg Stove height: 80 – 144 cm. Width: 62 cm. Depth: 42 cm.