Torus Series

The timeless, austere design of the Torus series blends in harmoniously with any present day living room, and will almost certainly continue to adorn your interior 15 years from now. This unique range of wood-burning stoves is set to survive any whim of fashion with ease. And the Torus stands out for environmental and financial reasons as well. Its efficiency and heat emission will still set the standard far into the future. The solid stone cladding (with a thickness of 7.5 cm for the fire box) used in the Torus series guarantees an enormous heat storage capacity.
Technical specification TORUS model , connection height and weight differ between various models of the TORUS range.

Fuel: Wood
Heating capacity: +/- 40 – 135 m3
Useful capacity: 3 – 8 kW
Connection to chimney: At the top
Pipe diameter: 150 mm
Weight: 180 – 245 Kg
Stove height: 73 – 117 cm. Width: 51 cm. Depth: 42.