Ecosy Altech Range Series

Sustainable, environmentally neutral, price-conscious but also of course, cosy and comfortable. The new Ecosy from Altech has it all. Not only by name but, indeed, also by nature.

The Altech Ecosy is a totally new model of wood stove with a familiar appearance. Its combustion system is an advancement on the trusted techniques of the Altech Vision. Thus combustion takes place in a 50 cm wide fire box which can easily cope with larger blocks of wood. The complete double-hulled soapstone walls (5 cm on the outside and 2.5 cm internally) gives the fireplace its large heat storage capacity so that the pleasant “sunny warmth” can still be felt 10 hours after the last block of wood has burnt.

The operation of the stove is proverbially simple, with only one button you can control the entire stove. The Ecosy itself takes care of optimal combustion. This always gives you the maximum return on your wood and at the same time ensures a minimum of emissions and ash.
Fuel: Wood
Heating capacity: 40 – 210 m3
Useful capacity: 4 – 11 kW
Connection to chimney: On top
Pipe diameter: 150 mm
Weight: 210 – 260 kg
Stove height: 80 -100 cm. Width: 61 cm. Depth: 43 cm.

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