Electric Heating

 Electric Heating and Tulikivi

Electric heating elements in flue duct

Electric heating elements inserted in a Tulikivi stove

The comfort of heating with an electric heating element as an addition to wood burning.

A Tulikivi stove with electric heating elements will conveniently keep the home warm, preferrably at night rate electricity.

When you are away from home during a holiday, you can keep your house frost free by using only one electric heating element of 0,5 kW.

The stove will accumulate the electrically produced heat. Up to 6 electric radiant fire resistant heating elements of 0,5 kW can be build into the stove, which enables you to use electricity as an additional power source next to the use of firewood. If for some reason you are unable to light the fire , the thermostat keeps the heater at the desired temperature.

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