Electric Stone Radiators

Mondex electric stone radiators are silent, durable and excellent in storing heat.
Choose electric stone radiators as a convenient and quick way of heating your room, bathroom, kitchen or summer cottage.

Installing Mondex electric stone radiators is as easy as installing conventional electric radiators, but the properties of Mondex electric stone radiators are superior. Have Mondex electric stone radiators installed in your home or replace your existing electric heaters with Mondex products. You will be sure to feel the difference.

* Even and pleasant cosy heat
* Low surface temperature
* Durable and economical in use
* Wonderful, genuine material
* Nearly 50 varieties of stone
* Easy to install and clean.

A very well insulated home needs a heat input of about 25 W/m3.  If the walls are made of non-insulated blocks,bricks or logs, the energy consumption is 40-50 W/m3. It is better to exceed these recommended figures than to fall short of them.

Mondex electric stone radiators

Mondex electric stone radiators


Mondex electric stone radiators are always made of genuine stone. Genuine stone radiators are not only beautiful and ageless heaters but also impressive interior design elements. Choose the stone color which you like most.

The electronic radiator thermostat measures the temperature accurately and works totally silent. The massive stone stores the heat and releases it steadily over a long period of time. Because of this the radiator does not cause a feeling of draught. Also the surface temperature of the stone is lower compared to other radiators, which makes it safe and pleasant for children.

Mondex radiator 1200 W


Radiators are normally placed under the windows to eliminate the feeling of draught caused by the cold window surface. The lenght of the radiator should be about the same as the window’s. If there are several windows in line use more than one radiator. Check that the total heating capacity is sufficient for heating the entire space.

Prices for Mondex radiators start at 561.25 Euro ( 300W ).

Mondex 1200 W